Introduction to WLXDB (Warlock Light XML Database) sotware

WLXDB is a minimal light XML database. It was originally created to support WPkg program but its developing path brought it to a more general purple using. This evolution has brought it to be a completly independent project.

Like almost every database, WLXDB allows you to perform the following tasks:
  1. Creating and removing a database.
  2. Selecting an already created database among many
  3. Building and unbuilding new structures
  4. Writing and reading data

Strutture fondamentali
In order to store and to find data WLXDB uses a node net structure This structure is organized as a tree, I mean every node can have many child-nodes but just only one father-node. Every node has an identificator, it must be unique, and it is composed by two character string:
  1. the key
  2. the key's value

[!]The first (key) cannot be empty and cannot contain spaces, tabs (\t), or end-of-line (\n) characters. The second (key-value) can be empty and all ASCII characters are permitted.
This character-strings couple is the path to achive the data. Considering the following XML sintax example:

<WORK Silvio> 0212034056 </WORK>
<FRIEND Luca Bianchi> 0234506078 </FRIEND>
<FRIEND Sara Connor> 0600330333 </FRIEND>
<WORK Gino> 0223400955 </WORK>

In the example the XML-key (with absolute path) that allows me to find the Sara Connor's phone number is .Agenda.FRIEND Sara Connor. About the "FRIEND Sara Connor" node, FRIEND is the key and "Sara Connor" is the key-value

To have a couple of character string as XMK-key for every node give you more flexibility. For example: in order to have a versioning system that allows you to have a data consistency checking you can use the node-key as release and the key-value as XML-key. In this way you can easily achive the result.

However if you do not need the second field you can use only the first as XML-key, no space will be waste.