2.3.2 First release for the 2.3 branch. The extensions have been adapted to the new wpkg manager (2.3) release
2.3.3 Bugfixes, changes for the new WPkg configuration file name (wpkg-2.conf)
2.5.2 The 2.5 branch provides new extensions that are able to write data in the xml-database "wpkf_info.xml".This feature is required when an extension changes the value of one other, and that value must be updated.The old (2.3) branch is not compatible.
1.3.2-0 First release for the 1.3 branch.The extensions have been adapted to the 1.3 wpkg manager.
1.3.3-0 First release with wlxdbd support.All extensions have been rewritten to use wlxdb