Introduction to WPkg

WPkg is a software package manager.
Many other software alredy provide this feature (eg. rpm by RedHat, dpkg by Debian, pkgtool by Slackware, ecc..). But everyone of those have a common requirement: the package manager must klready now exactly the installing target system situation (file paths, system architecture...)

I begun to write this package manager because I had a practical problem: I was ending to write a program, it is composed by platform-independent pasrts and platform-dependent parts for more different architentures. So, the software package (or the manager) had to have enough inteligence to understand which file, where, and how, to install. The solution was WPkg.
This new software package manager is a framework where you can plug many different modules to perform tests and actions. It allows you to make a single package for many diffent software or hardware enviroments.